Cước - phí hàng nhập từ Việt Nam (AIR)

 Kindly send you our NET rate as below ( please mark up rate for the mutual profit share ): 
CIFDATDAPDDP1Local charge at airport 
Facility ( for general cargo )USD 0.07 / kg
Facility ( for DG cargo )USD 0.08 / kg
Storage for general cargo ( if any )At cost ( about USD 0,07 /kg /day )
Storage for DG cargo ( if any )At cost ( about USD 0,09 /kg /day )
Delivery orderUSD 15 / HAWB
Handling fee USD 15 / MAWB ( apply for HAN airport )
USD 25 / MAWB ( apply for SGN, DAD airport ) 
Collect A/F fee ( if any ) 
    2Trucking fee from.... to....USD ? / shipment < ? tons / ? cbm
Remark: cargo is stuffed off by consignee 
    3Custom fee ( for general cargo, commercial invoice, not belong industrial zone )USD ? / shipment < ? kgs
Industrial zone fee ( apply for shipment’s custom clearance have to be done in industrial zone )USD 20 / document
Special Government ministry's certificate ( if any )
Note: the rate is subject to the government ministry's fee ( at cost )
USD 30 / document
    4Other service for the shipment which has wood, plant : 
Phytosanitary certificate fee ( subject to the government ministry's fee : at cost ) ( if any )USD ? per shipment
    5Tax and DutyHS code: 
Import Tax per value invoice  
Import Tax per value invoice ( if C/O is accepted by custom department) 
VAT per ( import tax + value invoice )10%
Payment on behalf of consignee fee25 % x ( import tax + VAT )
The above tax and duty is your reference, because HS code and C/O will be determined by custom department. It will be at cost. You should change term DDP to DDU.


Weight theo DIM: Dai x rong x cao ( cm ) / 6000

Charge weight : giữa gross weight và weight theo DIM, cái nào lớn hơn sẽ là charge weight