Warehousing Services

DONG NAM LOGISTICS Services Warehousing Services provides the most professional and comprehensive distribution and inventory service from housing raw materials to distributing finished goods,we specialize in supporting manufacturers with various needs. We track and process every item using our state-of-the-art system, but for those clients who need it we also provide for Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI).

We offer the highest level of service and security for your cargo.Coupled with our transportation services, DONG NAM LOGISTICS Services is well equipped to handle all of your demand for cargo shipment and storage with professionals experienced in warehousing and distribution.

* 24-hour security
* On-site customs (bonded)
* Covered loading docks
* Trailer-high doors
* Sprinkler systems
* Convenient access to major airports, seaports and highways

Our Distribution Center Service:
* Consolidation and Deconsolodation
* Cross-docking
* Relabeling and repacking
* Sorting/pick & pack
* Storage
* Distribution
* Transportation Management
* Air, ocean and Inland Transportation
* Customs house brokerage
* Freight Forwarding
* Garment-on-Hanger
* Documentation


More Value-added Service :
* Assembly
* Bundling
* Collating
* E-commerce and Order Fulfillment
* Inspection
* Internet Visibility
* JIT Plant Support
* Kitting
* Labeling
* Pick and pack
* Point of Sale/Promotional Displays
* Poly-bagging
* Product Sampling
* Return Goods Processing
* RF Warehouse Management Systems
* Sequencing
* Shrink-wrap
* Sorting
* Ticketing