Air Services


Air transportation is considered to be the most efficient and time-saving form of transportation, especially suitable for perishable goods such as food and fresh commodities. Along with that, air freight costs are higher than other types of transportation, but they can be reduced by combining with sea or road transport if the delivery schedule it is not too tight.





Airfreight shipping with DONG NAM LOGISTICS will help your goods to be circulated efficiently at full speed throughout the supply chain.

Owning a global network of partners with long experience, DONG NAM LOGISTICS provides airfreight services that meet all three criterias: EFFICIENCY, SPEED AND COMPETITIVE COST.

Our partners are present at major airports in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Australia, and North America. That's why we have the capacity to process orders that are required to be shipped from/to anywhere in the world.

In order to meet the need for space allocation on the aircraft and keep competitive cost, DONG NAM LOGISTICS works closely with airlines, agents and partners at local ports to ensure your goods are present on hundreds of flights on different routes, transit during and off peak hours.

Our air transportation services include:

  • Flight services are usually low-priced, with a maximum duration of 3 days to reach Europe and North America.
  • Fast flight services with higher costs than regular flight services ensure goods go in 24 hours.
  • Sea and air combined services are to minimize costs for customers but still meet the delivery /received schedule.
  • Transportation services of dangerous goods, fresh food abide by regulations.