Maersk Container Industry to launch new reefer digitisation service

The launch of Maersk Container Industry's (MCI) Sekstant Global Guidance system for reefer digitisation is the company's most significant technological breakthrough since the introduction of its Star Cool reefer, reports the American Journal of Transportation.

Drawing on many years of involvement in reefer connectivity, Sekstant provides container operators with accurate data at any point along the transportation chain.

"Whether on high seas or on a truck, data can be visualised on the shipper's desktop and integrated into their IT systems," said MCI marketing chief Anders Holm.

The key to the concept's effectiveness is that it stays online, using a centralised cloud architecture. The system is enabled by a state-of-the-art Smart Edge device that includes wide-band 4G LTE modem connectivity with global coverage, he said.

"All data transmissions are secured and encrypted. At the same time, the machine data MCI receives can now be processed and transmitted to Star Cool reefer users to give them previously unseen levels of transparency and guidance," said Mr Holm.